Simply Skulls Taxidermy
The Process of Cleaning a Skull
Step 1: Preparing the Skull for Beetles

Each skull is skinned and set in front of          a fan to completely dry out all the meat.

Step 2: Beetles Eating the Flesh

The beetles prefer to eat meat that has the consitancy of jerky. A coyote skull can be cleaned in 12 hours.
Step 3: Degreasing the Skull

This is the part of the skull cleaning process that takes the longest. Water blended with a degreasing solution heated to around 120 degrees actually melts the fat and grease out of the bone. Depending on the type of animal, degreasing can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to complete.
Step 4: Whitening the Skull

This process gives the skull its brilliant white color. A 24 hour soak in this whitening solution does the trick.
Completed Skull